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Getting a SPICE Account

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Protecting your password

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Getting a SPICE account

When is a SPICE Account needed?

You need a SPICE (Singapore Polytechnic Intelligent Computing Environment) account to identify yourself in order to access secured campus applications and services (also known as SPICE services) in SP. A SPICE Account or SP Account comprises a SPICE User ID and password. SPICE User ID is an electronic identifier to identify the user using SPICE services. Together with the password, they form the SPICE Account which is required to access secured SPICE services.

You have a SPICE Account if you,

  • are a student of SP.
  • are a staff member of SP.
  • have been given an account to use SP's secured services.

IDMS Features

features1 An easier unlock account function features2 Activate your account and reset password using SMS or your Singpass features3 Get SMS reminder alert for password change


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